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Lumina75 – Smart Recessed Elephant Spotlight

Introducing Lumina75, the smart downlight that revolutionizes the way you light up your space. With its cutting-edge technology, Lumina75 allows

LuminaFlex – Smart Recessed Adjustable Spotlight

Introducing LuminaFlex, the ultimate in flexible and versatile smart lighting technology from NeoLumina. With a tilting angle of 90 degrees

LuminaGlow – Smart Recessed Downlight

Introducing LuminaGlow, the smart downlight that offers customizable lighting options to enhance your space. With its warm-cool feature, you can

LuminaGypsum – Smart Recessed Downlight

Introducing LuminaGypsum, the sleek and stylish downlight that will elevate the look of any space. Available in two variants, circle

LuminaLego – Smart Downlights

Introducing LuminaLego, the smart downlight that combines sleek elegance with a playful touch. Crafted from premium aluminum, LuminaLego features a

LuminaSpot – Smart Recessed Spotlight

Transform your home into a luxurious and sophisticated space with LuminaSpot, the premium smart downlight from NeoLumina. Designed with a

LuminaSpot Trimless – Smart Recessed Spotlight

Introducing LuminaSpot Trimless, the smart spotlight that illuminates your space with precision and style. Its sleek and modern design seamlessly

LuminaUltra – Smart Recessed Spotlight

Introducing LuminaUltra, the ultimate downlight that illuminates your space with its sleek and modern design. With three color options to

NeoMod – Smart Modular Downlight

Introducing NeoMod, the versatile modular recessed light fixture that offers endless possibilities to illuminate your space. With its innovative design,