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Antlera – Smart Home Accent Lights

Introducing Pomella, the sleek and modern pendant lighting that elevates your space with its striking black glass design. With its

Lume – Smart Home Accent Lights

Introducing Lume, the perfect combination of accent lighting and shelf design. With its sleek and stylish design, Lume adds a

Lumin – Smart Vanity Lights

Introducing Lumin, the sleek and minimal wall lamp that elevates your vanity mirror game. With its modern design and adjustable

Mokuzai – Smart Home Accent Lighting

Introducing Mokuzai, the minimal wooden wall accent light that brings a touch of simplicity and elegance to your space. Designed

NeoCove – Cove-less Cove Lighting Profile Diffusers

Introducing NeoCove, the cove-less cove lighting profile diffusers. Designed specifically for wall applications, NeoCove eliminates the need for cumbersome coves