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Cedaris – Smart Ceiling Lights

Introducing Cedaris, the elegant rectangular ceiling light crafted from high-quality wood. Available in three different sizes, Cedaris offers a versatile

Luminex – Smart Ceiling Lights

Introducing Luminex, the sophisticated ceiling light that combines elegance with minimalistic design. Available in three stunning colors – black, white,

Lumitron – Smart Architectural Lighting

Introducing Lumitron, the smart ceiling light that brightens up your space with its simple yet elegant design. This innovative product

Luxor – Smart Ceiling Lights

Introducing Luxor, the minimalist ceiling light that brings a touch of sophistication to your space with its sleek and simple

NeoBlock – Smart Architectural Lighting

Introducing NeoBlock, the innovative architectural lighting that adds a touch of modern sophistication to your space with its unique block-shaped

NeoBrick – Smart Architectural Lighting

Introducing NeoBrick, the smart ceiling lighting that adds a touch of playfulness to your space with its unique lego-styled design.

NeoPod – Smart Spotlight

Introducing NeoPod, the sleek and versatile puck-style ceiling spotlight that brings a modern touch to your space. Its adjustable design

Nova – Smart Celling Lights

Introducing Nova, the simple yet stylish ceiling light that will elevate the look of any room. Available in black, white,

Oaklyn – Smart Ceilign Light

Introducing Oaklyn, the elegant rectangular ceiling light that combines modern design with a touch of natural warmth. With its wooden

Radian – Smart Ceiling Lights

Introducing Radian, the minimalistic ceiling light that adds a touch of modern elegance to your space. With its simple yet

Solvind – Smart Ceiling Lights

Introducing Solvind, the ceiling light that brings the warmth and simplicity of Muji-style wooden design to your space. Its clean

Sorayu – Smart Ceiling Lights

Introducing Sorayu, the elegant ceiling light that combines a wooden base with a stylish white accent border, available in three